Progression with CHRIST JESUS


“But you, beloved, built yourself up  (founded ) on your most holy faith  (make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher) , praying in the Holy Spirit  (Jude 1 : 20 AMP).

Progress means advancement; moving forward. Progress must be measurable, otherwise, it’s not progress.  You must have goals; if you don’t have definate goals, you may not be able to really measure your progress.

In making progress there’re certain things you must consider. First, locate your present position in that area of your life in which you desire to make progress.

Is it in your health, finances, job, business, or your family? Whatever it is, locate your present position.  Secondly, envision what the next level will be for you.
Thirdly, determine what you must do to get to your next level.  That means your input in terms of effort, time, and resources.  Resources could refer to money, materials, information, etc.  Fourthly, and finally, take action; do what you need to do to get you the results you want.  Otherwise, your visions, goals, and aspirations will fail and come to nothing.

I’m sure you already have clear – cut goals for the year; stay focused on your goals.  Every now and then, pray in the Holy Spirit about your goals; this is so important, because it’ll guarantee your progress in achieving them.  Our opening verse says, “BUT YOU, BELOVED, BUILT YOURSELF UP  (FOUNDED ) ON YOUR MOST HOLY FAITH  (MAKE PROGRESS, RISE LIKE AN EDIFICE HIGHER AND HIGHER ), PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT “.

This coming year 2018, you’re going to make progress, and move forward in your life like never before, irrespective of what’s been happening with you or around you.  It’s your time and season of advancement. And it’s my prayers that the Spirit of God will inspire and guide you to take the necessary actions that’ll cause you to have evident and unprecedented growth, increase,  and prosperity in 2018, and beyond, In Jesus Name.


My life is like a well – watered garden. I’m fruitful and productive; making progress in every area of my life.  I’m complete in Christ, and every facet of my life is perfected for excellence. The Spirit guides and inspires me to take actions that’ll guarantee evident, and unstoppable progress, increase and blessings for me, In Jesus Name –


Rev Henry