Welcome to Crawley Assemblies of God online ministry, we are passionate about the great commission of JESUS CHRIST and would like to take the gospel to the ends of the earth while raising up disciples who are eager to obey the will of God.

We are under the leadership of a man who loves the gospel, Pastor Henry Hammond, whose heart is to plant churches for the Kingdom of God before the return of our Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

The online ministry seeks to educate and edify the believer, as well as reach out to those who are in the world that may be lost to darkness and hurting. Our blog is tool to provide fresh manna from heaven to set the captives free.

We invite you to be a part of the ministry by joining our family every week, where you can watch us live every Sunday, learn from our teaching seminars on youtube or follow our podcasts.

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Taste and see that the LORD is good!



The Crawley Assemblies Of God International Church is in the process of denominational transformation.

This is an exciting journey. It does however require, leadership to bite the bullet on a number of important challenges facing the Churches today.

The Crawley Assemblies Of God International Church journey will enable us to see a new day where Church growth will be accelerated, local Church and future Churches will readapting for mission and an increased relational dimension enjoyed by all our leaders.

The Crawley Assemblies Of God International Church is seeking to become a relevant and powerful expression of the Church or organisation to communities. The fellowship recognises the importance of the universal Church and therefore sees its development in this context.